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    Despite a booming economy, India’s public health system is still in crisis. Discuss (250W|15M)

  • Subject: Issues relating to development and management of social sector
  • Topic: Health
  • Sub-Topic: Health
  • Approach:

    1.     UNDERLYING THEME: Overall picture of health system in India and the reason for its crisis

    2.     KEYWORD: Discuss – link the Economic growth to the public health system performance and analyze its drawbacks, Give solutions as suggested by the National health policy to overcome the crisis

    3.     INTRODUCTION: Give an overview of the Public health system in India, with data. Indian public health system is comprised of a three tier structure with sub-centres and Primary health care centres at Basic level , Community health centres and District health centres at the helm

    4.     BODY: Give arguments to justify the statement made in the question

    ·       Funding issues: India spends very less on public health system than most countries in the world

    ·       Insurance penetration: According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), the Indian Government’s contribution to health insurance stands at roughly 32 percent, as opposed to 83.5 percent in the United Kingdom.

    ·       Inadequate infrastructure and human resource.

    ·       Rural India is facing the maximum brunt has it had a shortfall of 10,112 female health workers at primary health centres

    ·       Our country also ranks low on several health indices

    ·       High pricing of certain drugs and other essential medicines.

    ·       The government’s health policy does little to prevent poor health. Example: Unsafe water, poor sanitation, malnutrition, and lack of proper housing undermine health

    ·       Low number of doctors and equipment in primary healthcare center. PHC also does not exist in many villages

    ·       The tertiary care comprising multi-specialty hospitals and medical colleges are located almost exclusively in urban regions.

    ·       Research and development in drugs and pharmaceuticals  is slow

    ·       Governance issues concerning medical college and MCI

    ·       Mental health education still needs a lot more policy attention

    Actions taken by the government in recent times to prevent this:

    ·       National health policy talks about increasing public funding

    ·       Ayushman Bharat also is striving to reduce out-of-pocket expenditure

    ·       Medical council of India (MCI) is being revamped to bring in more transparency in medical education, ensuring quality

    ·       Target based objective to eliminate some diseases from India.

    Note: More such points can be discussed in your answer. Make sure you make your arguments with examples too. For instance, the Muzaffarpur case, where even basic ambulance facilities were not provided

    5)     CONCLUSION: Summarize the arguments made in your answer. Example: Health is a basic service which is the responsibility of the state and India being a rising star in economic growth also needs to enhance the expenditure on health to promote a healthy and empowered human resource necessary to reap the harvest of demographic dividend.

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