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    What are the major issues of concerns to adivasis today? (150W|10M)

  • Subject: Social Justice
  • Topic: Vulnerable Sections of population
  • Approach:

    1.     UNDERLYING THEME: Understanding the present conditions of the tribal groups and suggest solutions to their issues


    Adivasis are one of the most vulnerable groups of population. Criteria for designating someone as Adivasi are primitive traits, distinctive culture, geographical isolation, shyness of contact with the community at large, and backwardness.

    3.     BODY

    Major Issues

    1.     Governance based Issues

    a.     Accessibility and Availability: Governance in remote areas and rough terrain is usually weak; Transport and communication network.

    b.     Awareness about Rights , Technological progress etc

    c.      Affordability : Access to justice is expensive

    d.     Security concerns: In Red corridor areas etc


    2.     Concerning their Livelihood

    a.     Forest dwellers – Isolation , Some do live as hunters gatherers [Level of Development]

    b.     Concerns with respect to Forest management and Rights of Adivasis

    c.      Rehabilitation programmes for various projects – Ex: Dams –Narmada bachao Andholan; Wildlife conservation , Mining and Industries etc -  which will leave them vulnerable to the external society, Driven away from their homes, Socio-cultural ecosystem

    d.     Implementation of FRA is fraught with challenges. Gram Sabha awareness is very important. Ex Niyamgiri hills


    3.      Concerning their Socio-Economic status

    a.     Rehabilitation packages are usually not enough to make a living outside forests – NON SUSTAINABLE

    b.     Absence of Skills for employment – So they have to go for manual labour and could be subject to socio-economic exploitation

    c.      Human development indices – They lag behind all the groups in health , education statistics

    d.     Government –Industry lobby

    e.     Caste – Class based social discrimination in subtle manner

    Try to give solutions to some of the major problems that have been discussed based on various laws and programmes that have been taken up by the government. Example: Many hostels have been setup for promoting education of tribals; Van Dhan scheme for giving them a better livelihood

    4.     CONCLUSION: Give an optimistic conclusion on the issue. Example: While we have come a long way in resolving certain issues, there is a lot to be done to enable the adivasi’s participation as true citizens in this democratic structure.

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