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    What is regionalism? What factors is it usually based on? (150W|10M)

  • Subject: Society
  • Topic: Indian Society
  • Sub-Topic: Regionalism
  • UNDERLYING THEME: Understanding regionalism and its components.

    Define regionalism: Regionalism is a political ideology that focuses on the national or
    normative interests of a particular region, group of regions or other subnational entity over a
    bigger entity. In respect of India, focus on sub national interests over the interests of the
    country as a whole.
    Give an account of the factors that form the basis for regionalism [You can give it in both
    Indian and Global context as the question is quite open]
    Politico – Religious Factor: State of Jammu and Kashmir – Article 370 and 35A – Separate
    citizenship, constitution and so on
    Social Factors: Language, Ethnicity –
    Language: Imposition of Hindi on the southern states, in the past led to Dravidian secession
    movement , Even today this issue is quite sensitive
    Ethnicity: Assam – NRC movement, Greater Nagalim movement
    Economic development: Resource sharing, Sons of soil movement - Maharashtra
    BREXIT – could also be considered as a result of regionalism
    Reasons for such Issues can also be mentioned because, any cultural identity is linked to a
    specific geography and region and any attempt at hurting this identity could lead to
    Regionalistic movements.
    Ex: Citizenship Amendment Bill and its impact in the North East
    If a region is economically backward, when compared to people from the other
    surrounding areas, a sense of alienation naturally crops up -> Formation of Telangana ,
    Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh etc.

    Thus Regionalism has to be understood in its Socio- Political – Economic context. Unless
    there is a threat to the identity, and till massive awareness about it develops, usually such
    movements do not get much support from the people. Thus they need to be dealt in a
    sensitive, holistic manner by the center in the larger interests of the people of the region and
    country as a whole.

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