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    ‘Globalization is generally said to promote cultural homogenization but due to this cultural specificities appear to be strengthened in the Indian Society. Elucidate. (250W|15M)

  • Subject: Society
  • Topic: Indian Society
  • Sub-Topic: Effects of Globalization on Indian Society
  • UNDERLYING THEME: Understanding the long term impacts of Globalization on the
    Indian Society
    KEYWORDS: Elucidate – clarify / Explain with examples in the support of the statement
    INTRODUCTION: Define Globalization: Globalization is the process in which people,
    ideas and goods spread throughout the world, spurring more interaction and integration
    between the world's cultures, governments and economies.
    Delineate how globalization promotes Cultural homogenization by giving various
    examples in various spheres
     Political sphere – Democracy, Secularism, Socialism and such other values which
    are a result of interaction with the Western European Nations
     Social Sphere – Food [Italian , Mexican ,Continental etc]– Dress [Western
    Formals]– Language [English]
    Economic Sphere – Work Culture , Connected economies and so on
    Give more points in this regard
    Then go on to explain how the cultural specificities have enhanced in the Indian
    Society as a result of globalization
    Globalization has resulted in increased sense of competition, thirst to prove
    oneself in this ever changing world; it has resulted in clinging to the old factors of
    identity – CASTE – RELIGION- REGION to have self-confidence.
    Thus we see promotion of caste identities to claim reservations in
    education and jobs, marital relations, and so on
    Similarly we see religious and regional identities getting stronger [Give
    [Restaurants with ADYAR ANAND BHAVAN, UDUPI: Signifies states identity]
    [People residing outside India – have specific identity based organizations]
    [Sons of soil movement]
    [Preference to people from ones state even in IT Workplace]
    Find many such examples to show how regional identities are being
    While globalization has brought in unifying factors from all around the
    world, the same ideals of Individuality, and a relatively high situation of Identity
    crisis and Pride on the other hand has promoted cultural specificity to a great

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