Mains KALAM Program:

Mains Answer Writing Program is to develop thinking process in the students to answer the questions.For this program, we have identified 5 parts in the thinking process.

  1. Dissection of the question- It is understanding the scope of the question and the keywords in it.
  2. Localisation of the question- It is identifying the area or topic from which the question is given.
  3. Scenario building - It is developing the mental map of the concept navigating from broader perspective to narrow perspective till localizing the question.
  4. Value Addition- It is to write the supportive arguments through quoting facts, example, case studies, etc.
  5. Evaluation- It is the conclusion based on the directive word given in the question.

The program goes like this:

  1. Everyday except on Sunday , we post 3 current affairs questions based on that day's news.
  2. All registered students can post answers for them either by directly uploading the answers through image/PDF or can type it in the text box.
  3. The posted answers can be viewed by other students also. Our team will review them selectively based on the repeated mistakes. Students also can review each others answers.
  4. Model answer and model answer video will be uploaded after 48hrs of uploading the questions.

Thank you.

Enjoy learning.